Disconnections for hours at a time

Recently I have been receiving notifications for disconnections. Yesterday the device has been literally disconnected for twelve or more hours. I didn’t have this problem before an update before and my last grows went well, this time…not so much. My internet is solid and my range is not an issue either I have already checked using a speed test on a device that can use both bands 2.4 and 5. Speeds down 240megs, 14megs up.
Attached are the emails I’ve received showing the faults. I’ve also noticed that this device is drifting out of calibration a lot. I have two separate humidity probes in the tent, and one temp probe besides the pulse in the tent. The temp and humidity in the tent during lights on stays at 75f and 67%rh pretty constant. The pulse will not keep that setting. I change the offsets and i. A few hours later they are off by +5 degrees and +7%. I trust my probes in the tent more than I trust the pulse. At this point all the pulse is good for is letting me know if my light is on.
What can be done about this? This is my second pulse unit, first one was sent back because it was faulty out of the box.

Hi H8plow,

I checked our logs, and your wifi signal is really bad, almost unusable. Currently there’s a little firmware bug with wifi signal not showing correctly in the app (should be fixed by tomorrow), but your signal strength is averaging -95 to -80 dbm. See here for what the different dmb levels mean: https://eyesaas.com/wi-fi-signal-strength/

To reduce the amount of disconnects, you can try and boost your signal with a closer router, a wifi repeater / range extender, or selecting an emptier wifi channel. There are wifi channel analyzer apps that help you figure out a good channel. I can link you one if you’d like.

As far as calibration, I’ve reset your offsets (your temperature offset was pretty big). My concern is that you’ve got the Pulse placed under some direct lights, that would cause it to have bad readings. Can you shade it somehow? Please take a look at our placement tips for the Pulse: https://support.getpulse.co/help/where-do-i-place-the-pulse-one. If you’re still having trouble with calibration, I can reach out via phone or email to you and walk you through the correct way to set up the Pulse for highest accuracy, and the correct way to do the calibration procedure.

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