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Here we’ll try to compile various sources such as articles by professionals, reviews, videos and other content from sources independently using Pulse equipment. If you have a blog, Youtube channel, social media, etc that is talking about Pulse, we’d like to to see it here.


Josh Grey

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Soup from Dude Grows has a great post (with pics!) about their experience using Pulse, how they’re saving money, and even avoided flooding and other catastrophes! Great information from someone with extensive knowledge and experience growing.

Check it out!~

" Having a Pulse monitor tracking conditions makes this a LOT easier. " - Soup


Posted by SOUP | Sep 9, 2019 | DGC Gear Guide | Soup’s Garden

GrowTube #87 - Pulse Garden Monitoring, interview with Chris T. of Pulse Labs, Venice, CA

A little while back, our CEO Chris had a magical 2 hours with Dawgo the Hutt’s Growtube show. SO MUCH INSIGHT! (and some laughs!) Pretty much everyone from the first time grower to the decades long farming master will learn something from this and be entertained.

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@novicefarmervt on Instagram does a great job sharing what they’ve learned along the way, check 'em out!


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